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AboutMyUKPension.coms sole purpose is to help, advise and inform its users about their UK Pension benefits by providing them a free no obligation review of their current schemes.

Many of our clients have no idea what their benefits will be when they retire and start drawing an income. This uncertainty means they are unable to plan for their future as they do not know whether or not they will have enough income to live the life they have worked so hard to achieve.

By using our services our clients receive a FREE comprehensive review and report of their UK pensions. We establish what your income will be at 55, your spouse’s income should anything happen to you, how your capital is invested and growing, whether you have a final salary or money purchase scheme, the liquidity of your schemes and much more.

Once you know where you stand today you can start to make clear plans for your future and act accordingly should your existing pension provisions not generate you enough income during retirement.

Furthermore our services are completely FREE of charge so why not contact one of our consultants and organise your UK pension review today.



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